Energy efficient heating

When we talk of efficient energy, space heaters are amazing for providing additional heat when the primary source of heat isn’t effective or when it is too costly to install or use a central heating system.

As a matter of fact, a space heater happens to be less costly to operate if it is being used to heat just a small room, or raise the temperature of a room used by an occupant who is sensitive to cold. Additionally, energy loss through combustion or ducts doesn’t occur with space heaters; hence, they are known to be about 100% efficient. A great amount of the heat generated by a space heater will radiate into the desired room.

Propane or kerosene heating units are best for industrial places like warehouses and workspaces, because these types use little/no electricity. Nevertheless, they can’t be used in places without enough ventilation, they also carry some hazards.

Electric space heating units are great for home usage. Majority of electric space heating units warm the air in a room conventionally. When they are used as a supplement to existing central heating units/system, portable electric space heating devices are affordable. However, some electric heating devices depend on radiant heating, i.e. they emit infrared radiated heat just like the how sun warms the surface of the earth. Just the objects around the heating system get warmed, due to this, using a heating system can be really energy-efficient, because infrared heating systems transfer warm air immediately to occupants only but not the entire room. They also heat the room up faster. Finally, you should consider using a radiator heater that has been filled with oil. These type of heaters, just as electric space heating devices, are amazing if your central heating unit isn’t sufficient. They are silent, energy efficient because these systems can maintain the desired temperature of the room automatically, and they safe.

Hence, with the aforementioned choices of heating units available to homeowners, you will still be able to save some money on your heating bill while you feel comfortable in your living space. If you want more money saving ideas, follow the following tips:

  1. Go for a heating system that is controlled with a thermostat or that has a timer. These types avoid waste of energy from an overheated room. You should as well consider hiring a heating contractor to help with the installation of the thermostat if you don’t know how to go about such electrical connections.
  2. Get a heating system of the appropriate size for the room you would want to fill with warmer air. Don’t opt for an oversized heating system.
  3. Avoid leaving the space heater on a high setting, and ensure you turn it off whenever you aren’t home. They can exhaust a large amount of energy if continuously left on.
  4. close windows and doors so as to reduce loss of heat and for effective heating especially. If you switch your heating system on and off every time, or you adjust the thermostat, it can also increase amount of energy used.

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